Federal Way staff hanging up WiFi equipment

Welcome to Federal Way Wireless 

Please Note:

By using the broadband Internet service provided by Federal Way Wireless, each user is agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the Service Agreement and Use Policy

Federal Way Wireless is providing a free broadband Internet service to Federal Way citizens, businesses and visitors in the downtown business corridor, City parks, Federal Way Community Center, Dumas Bay Centre and City Hall. (check the coverage page for updated service areas).

Federal Way Wireless is…

Ø     A Free Broadband Internet Access Service.

Ø     Faster than dial up.

  • Increased service now available on Pacific Highway from
    S 310th Street to S 336th Street.

  • Service is now available at the following locations:
    • Celebration Park
    • Steel Lake Park
    • Federal Way Community Center
    • Dumas Bay Centre 


Service Agreement and Use Policy, Privacy Policy
Support:  WiFiSupport@cityoffederalway.com