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  Get Connected

How do I get connected?

  1. Turn on your wireless network ready PC or laptop and make sure you are located in our coverage area.
  2. Use your wireless network utility to search for for available wireless networks.
  3. If you see the FWWireless network, select it and connect to it.

    *If you see the FWWireless network, but it appears secured, please do the followng:

    1. Add the FWWireless SSID to your list of preferred wireless networks.
    2. Set Network Authentication to Open.
    3. Set Data Encryption to Disabled.
    4. Let the computer automatically connect to the network.

    *If you don't detect the FWWireless network at all, you may be out of the range of our network.

  4. Once you're connected to the FWWireless network, launch your web browser. You will be directed to the portal.
  5. You can now browse the Internet

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